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About Fairy Good Times ®

Fairy Belle and unicornFairy Good Times ® have been fluttering around Sydney for over 10 years. Being the first fairy performers to offer magic shows, we quickly grew to become Sydney’s first choice in children’s entertainment. You also won’t find a fairy entertainment business in Sydney who has as highly skilled face painters as the Fairy Good Times® team. Our entertainers are believable, our costumes are second to none and our aim is to inspire the imagination of children everywhere.

Our entertainers have been carefully selected by their personality and performance background. Each and every one of our performers carries public liability insurance for every event. If you have seen one of our entertainers at another event and would like to request the same person, just ask! We always try our best to honour requests. However we do have entertainers who specialise in certain characters, in this case would match the performer with your chosen character as well as accommodate any further requests you may have for your event.

About Fairy Belle®

Fairy Belle® is our founding fairy, her love of children and their vivid imagination was the inspiration for starting Fairy Good Times® . The concept of value for money within the children’s entertainment industry was also a driving point to offer a unique service for families. When Fairy Good Times® first came to life, no other fairy business offered magic shows, yet still charged large amounts of money for basic party games and simple face painting. Fairy Belle® wanted to bring a real sense of enchantment and wonder to represent the fairy realm living within the hearts and minds of children; at a reasonable price for their parents.

After completing a Masters Degree in Film & Media Arts, her passion for all things fairy lead her travel overseas where she immersed herself in professional magic workshops, gaining experience at fairy festivals and completing extensive face painting training from top instructors in the USA.

After many years of performing solo she then branched out and took a few select fairies under her wing. After much demand Fairy Good Times® has since grown to include a wide range of other popular children’s characters. We want all children to enjoy the wonder of our magical performances, we have purposely capped our prices ~ ensuring you receive the best all round entertainment Sydney has to offer at an affordable price.


Meet The Team


Fairy Melodie - Ainsley

Fairy Melodie


Fairy Petal - Yassica_3

Fairy Petal


Fairy Sunshine - Kate

Fairy Sunshine


Fairy Suger Plum - Julie

Fairy Suger Plum


Fairy Lu Lu - Hayley

Fairy Lu Lu


Fairy Ivy - Meg

Fairy Ivy


Fairy Sparkle - Amy

Fairy Sparkle

Fairy Good Times, taken 12th August, 2012. MUA: Tara

Fairy Luna Moon
(Tara Jay)